Rehabilitation Centre:
Our Rehabilitation Centre is situated at Agripada, Sonawe Village , Saphala approximately 80 kms from Mumbai.   Surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests, spread over about 4 acres of land, it is an ideal place where the recovering addicts can relax, rejuvenate, recover and rediscover themselves.

Whether you are the one with a problem, or someone you care about reach out to us at any of the numbers provided below and we’d be happy to help!

TEL:   022 26043658/022 65186087
            025 25634496
MOB: 09920379220/9765082540
EMAIL: ujjwalfoundation@gmail.commailto:ujjwalfoundation@gmail.comshapeimage_2_link_0
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Ujjwal Foundation is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre founded in 1999 .
Over the past 13 years, thousands of patients with various levels of afflictions have successfully passed through our program rehabilitated. Our primary focus is rehabilitation of alcoholics, drug addicts and people who are psychiatrically ill. 

At Ujjwal Foundation we ensure that we treat all our patients with utmost care and concern. Our core activity lies in imparting knowledge of addiction, prevention, recovery, advocacy services to recovering addicts and their families. We strongly believe that dependency on alcohol or drugs is a chronic, progressive, primary and incurable disease. However with the correct treatment there is an excellent chance the disease will be stopped and you can lead a normal, fulfilled life.

Addiction recovery can be a difficult journey for the patient as well as their families but can be rightly put to effect only with a combination of sincere efforts of the patient concerned and that of the rehabilitation center he/she enrolls into. 

Our GOAL is to help our patients live a life of dignity without alcohol or chemical support !!!
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